Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A

I went to the press preview of the Yohji Yamamoto retrospective exhibition at the V&A museum on Thursday, and I was truly astounded by the intricacy, beauty - and ultimately the appeal of the pieces on display.

Yamamoto is renowned for his androgynous and experimental designs, but what struck me most about the exhibition was that the concept never overtook the beauty of the clothing.

In addition to mens and womenswear clothing and accessories spanning his illustrious 30 year career, there are also videos of his spectacular catwalk shows - so experimental they often resemble an art install
more than a catwalk show.

there are also mannequins are hidden around the V&A, so you get to stumble across 1990s Japanese avant gardism poised amongst sixteenth century warrior's swords. Oh how I love the V&A!
Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A run from March 12th until July 10th 2011.
Victoria & Albert Museum
Cromwell Road


Mounir Fatmi's skateboards

I've had this image saved on my desktop for ages now, and every time I look at it I love it more, so I thought it high time I share it with you.

Skateboards - an item intrinsically linked with fun, are upholstered with in prayer rugs - something associated with seriousness and respect.

The contrasting juxtaposition is one which makes a very pretty picture. I hope you’ll agree...
As seen at Miami Art Basel. For more information on Mounir Fatmi, please visit www.mounirfatmi.com


Hermes online auction

An auction of silk scarves by French luxury house Herm├Ęs is being held online, and pieces from the extensive archive are available to view – and buy, here.

The designs vary from intricate hand drawn animals to bold nautical imagery. Many of the designs reference aristocratic French country life – with imagery of hanging rabbits and pistol guns depicted in fine silk.

In addition to the elaborate motifs, I also love the names of the scarves, ‘An Homage to Mozart ‘, ‘Tarot’ and ‘Dead Rabbits’ are just a few that made me smile, and below are some of my favourite designs.
Prices start at a rather reasonable 80 euros, so if anyone would like to give me an early birthday present, please see below for suggestions!