Pharrel's Miami masterpiece

Courtesy of The Selby


Cara Carine

Who will replace the formidable Carine Roitfled at French Vogue? I'm becoming curiouser and curiouser....

Image montage from: www.thevine.com.au


J Dilla - Think Twice (featuring Dwele)

Just in case you ever doubted Dilla's magnificence



Some more images that I love today...

Richard Serra sculpture at LACMA
Transylvania by Chris Dean
 A.F Vandervoorst
 The Selby
Unknown source
Ring by Kim Buck
 Orsta gallery, Sweden
Bianca Jagger
Unkown source

Pic of the day


Designer Sale!


Chilly Gonzales - You can Dance

It's corny, but I don't care!

Happy Friday


Pulp68 Keith Haring skate ramp

I love this Keith Haring skate ramp, and I love that it's in a secret location. To find out where, visit the brand's Facebook page.


Henry Hargreaves' book entitled 3DD celebrates breasts in all their voluminous 3D glory!
For more 3DDs visit www.three-dd.com


Yasuhiro Suzuki, The Zipper Ship

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki recently made this motorized zip ship, which I think is brilliant!

The zip measures 26 x 56 x 170cm, and I think the colours of this photograph are really beautiful too

It would definitely beat those lame boats that everyone races around the park lakes!


Cherry Ghost

Not quite the mix I wanted, but excellent all the same.

Happy weekend!


Leather love

I've long been a fan of leather label Fleet Ilya, and every season I covet another of the label's structured bags and accessories. Inspired by sculpture and saddlery, the pieces toy with bondage connotations and feature industrial details.
Fleet Ilya is available from Darkroom, London



Who's your influencer?

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.


Ralph Lauren enters the 4D dimension

To launch the company's online store, last night the Ralph Lauren building on New Bond Street, London was used a a canvas to project this incredible visual projection.


Paris Versus New York

These posters have been popping up a lot recently. I’ve viewed them individually and admired their simplicity and charm, but en masse they serve as a witty dialogue of two iconic cities, as well as a visual cultural guide. See www.parisvsnyc.blogspot.com for more



I finally got round to watching Kayne West's venture in to the film world. Runaway is the story of a phoenix who comes crashing down to earth in a ball of beautifully burning flames and lands all leggy-limbed in front of West’s swanky car.

The pair fall in love and West trys to get the pheonix to adapt to life on earth. West’s course in etiquette echoes Pretty Woman - but without the charm, and the result is purely patronizing. Only topped when, in the next scene he climbs atop a piano and watches over a flock of ‘black but white’ swan ballerinas.

Perhaps I’m taking it too seriously though. While West may be a minor megalomaniac he certainly pushes boundaries, and this film is unarguably aesthetically stunning. Oh and the soundtrack’s pretty good too!

Written by Hype Williams and starring Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks - as well as the man himself. The film is art directed is by Vanessa Beecroft and has the Hype stamp all over it – candy colours and kitsch styling. Costumes are by Martin Izquierdo and Phillip Lim.

It’s certainly a short film rather than the long music video I’d been lead to expect, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Alber Elbaz for H&M

Now I don’t want to sound like a sissy, but there are few designers whose clothes I long to wear as much as Alber Elbaz’s creations for Lanvin. So knowing that his creative flair is soon to be applied to a capsule diffusion-of- a-diffusion collection for H&M fills me with a certain amount of joy and anticipation.

Yes I know that the taffeta won’t crunch they way it would on a couture piece, nor will the draping be as overtly voluptuous as that of the dresses he creates for the catwalk, but I don’t care. I’m intrigued to see how the limitations of fabric budgets etc will affect Elbaz relaying his signature style

Celebrity clothing lines really don’t do it for me, but there have been a few designer diffusions that have interested me - namely Viktor & Rolf for H&M and Jil Sander for Uniqlo. The question is, do I love it enough to get my elbows out against all those others who want a piece of the couture pie?!


Taryn Simon

This weekend I’ve been reading about American artist Taryn Simon’s latest photography work – Contraband.

The series of 1000 photographs documents contraband seized by US Customs officers at JFK airport, from both travelling passengers and recorded mail between November 16th and November 20th 2009.

In order to complete the work, Simon was granted access in to the ‘no mans land’ that lies between American and foreign soil, where goods are seized and inspected, and spent five days and nights photographing items as they arrived.

The objects found vary – from the scary to the surreal. My personal favourites are a plastic water bottle full of congealed fat, (animal origin unknown). To a bag of hundreds of duck tongues - probably to be used in alternative medicine.

Simon’s work can be viewed as a study of early 21st century global experience, and simultaneously a critique on Western society’s greed for goods. I love the clinical starkness the grey backdrop, it makes every object seem more bizarre. Also the sheer audacity of passengers attempting to carry such bizarre items.

Bird corpse
Stroides, testosterone & Sustanon
Oxalis Tuberosa
Counterfeit BMW car emblems
Guinea Pigs
Counterfiet Louis Vuitton hand bags



Last week I was part of a focus group in preparation for the forthcoming International Woman’s Day, to be held on March 8th 2011.

International Women's Day is one day devoted to highlighting the economic, political and social achievements of women internationally. It is celebrated as a national holiday in countries including China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, but in the UK it is still to realise its epic potential and importance.

The evening was spent brainstorming manifestos, marketing and priorities for the UK audience. It was interesting for me to consider my own priorities and interests for the IWD manifesto, but even more interesting was hearing those of the women around me. They were all so different, and the evening made me aware of what it is to be a woman, what feminism is (or could be) today, and how important it is that we reflect and celebrate what we are.

The Germaine Greer days have passed, and statutorily woman – in the UK at least, now have equal rights; but there’s still a place for feminism. It’s just a redefined and rebranded version, and I really hope that next years IWD will help to disclose what this new brand is.  

Below are a few women that have inspired me

Jane Birkin

Aung San Suu Kyi

Annie Leibovitz

My boss, Anna Laub

Neneh Cherry

Marina Abramovic

 My Mumma, Moira