Damien Hirst x Supreme

In 2009 British sensationalist artist Damien Hirst designed a set of eight of skateboard deck designs for New York based cult street and skate label, Supreme.
The decks feature Hirst’s signature motifs – three show paint spun decks, resembling the artist’s Spin series - where canvases were spun under paint projected from a centrifugal force creating a layered random yet controlled effect; and five are from the Pharmaceutical series, representing – among other things graphic, coloured spots and line drawings of pills and capsules.

The limited edition decks are going on sale at www.othercriteria.com and there are also 40 signed decks available.

Skateboarding got posh!


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

This week I've been in New York, and yesterday I went to see the incredible Alexander McQueen retrospective, named Savage Beauty at the MET.

Here's a little of what I saw...


The month of May

Having been in something of a cultural void of late, due to all things running related (to find out more, take a look at my other blog, here) I have missed exhibitions and art a-plenty. But now I'm back on it, and have been making up for lost time by touring the city's galleries.

Here are a few of my favourite exhibitions...

Matthew Day Jackson. Everything Leads to Another, at
Hauser and Wirth, Savile Row

I've been seeing a lot of coloured skulls in installations recently...

I really like these wooden leg casts too

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Piccadilly

The Summer Exhibition is a real tradition for me. As a child, I visited every year with my Dad - it was one of the few things we did together, and I enjoy it as much for the memories as for the exhibitions.

What I love most is the mish-mash sense of it all - clashing images crowded on walls. It's refreshing to see art in abundance, rather than scaled down for concept's sake.

I've always loved pattern

I love the idea of an architectural maquette in painted green ceramic

Other shows I've enjoyed have been photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis' This Handsome Man exhibition, similarly her These Things exhibition atExposure