Two Soups and a Honeybun

Justin "Kutmah" McNulty is a prolific artist and DJ on the Los Angeles creative scene, so you can imagine it was a shock and horror to many when he was arrested from his home by seven armed police officers in the middle of the night.

Detained on unprovoked immigration issues, McNulty was held in a New Mexico prison for two months where he was allowed only one hour of natural sunlight per day.
It was in this hour when McNulty watched the animals and birds roam free, that he started drawing mystical totem-like creatures, 39 of which are on display in this exhibition.

Showing endearing asymmetry - McNulty had only a pencil and ID card to create the pieces' strong lines, these pieces have a haunting ethereal quality, which contrasts against their graphic quality.
This may not be a big budget art show, but the story and the pieces speak for themselves. I definitely urge you to go see it.

Two Soups and a Honeybun runs from January 20th – February 20th
18 Hewitt Street: Powered by Protein
EC21 3NN
Open: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm
See more of Kutmah's work at www.kutmah.com