The month of May

Having been in something of a cultural void of late, due to all things running related (to find out more, take a look at my other blog, here) I have missed exhibitions and art a-plenty. But now I'm back on it, and have been making up for lost time by touring the city's galleries.

Here are a few of my favourite exhibitions...

Matthew Day Jackson. Everything Leads to Another, at
Hauser and Wirth, Savile Row

I've been seeing a lot of coloured skulls in installations recently...

I really like these wooden leg casts too

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Piccadilly

The Summer Exhibition is a real tradition for me. As a child, I visited every year with my Dad - it was one of the few things we did together, and I enjoy it as much for the memories as for the exhibitions.

What I love most is the mish-mash sense of it all - clashing images crowded on walls. It's refreshing to see art in abundance, rather than scaled down for concept's sake.

I've always loved pattern

I love the idea of an architectural maquette in painted green ceramic

Other shows I've enjoyed have been photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis' This Handsome Man exhibition, similarly her These Things exhibition atExposure