I finally got round to watching Kayne West's venture in to the film world. Runaway is the story of a phoenix who comes crashing down to earth in a ball of beautifully burning flames and lands all leggy-limbed in front of West’s swanky car.

The pair fall in love and West trys to get the pheonix to adapt to life on earth. West’s course in etiquette echoes Pretty Woman - but without the charm, and the result is purely patronizing. Only topped when, in the next scene he climbs atop a piano and watches over a flock of ‘black but white’ swan ballerinas.

Perhaps I’m taking it too seriously though. While West may be a minor megalomaniac he certainly pushes boundaries, and this film is unarguably aesthetically stunning. Oh and the soundtrack’s pretty good too!

Written by Hype Williams and starring Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks - as well as the man himself. The film is art directed is by Vanessa Beecroft and has the Hype stamp all over it – candy colours and kitsch styling. Costumes are by Martin Izquierdo and Phillip Lim.

It’s certainly a short film rather than the long music video I’d been lead to expect, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.