Whilst in Paris recently, I checked out great exhibition called Dynasty. Held between the Palais de Tokyo and the neighbouring Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the exhibition features the work of 40 emerging French artists-with each artist exhibiting one work in each location. There were some spectacular works on show - ranging from traditional painting, to sculpture and video.

A few of the works that particularly struck me were Vincent Ganivet’s freestanding concrete cinderblock arch, which is bound by nylon ropes and structured with small wooden plinths. (Looking dwarfed by the giant arch in this picture, is my Bo Bo companion Harry. Check out his blog, which documents bizarre titbits, musings and mumbles in Paris and beyond, at www.isitisitisit.blogspot.com
Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni’s high definition video of a sunset, filmed without the use of lens or filter demonstrates the artists’ vision of the world as a fluid landscape.
Gaëlle Boucand’s geometric shaped sculptures covered in butterfly wings were absolutely beautiful. The contrast of the sculptures’ man-made hard lines against the natural beauty and colour of the butterfly wings was really mesmerising.  
Florian Pugnaine and David Raffini exhibited a high shine crushed and contorted metal sculpture. Accompanying this was a video demonstrating the process of creating it, using high pressure air streams.
Another favourite was Nicolas Milhé’s taxidermy hyena with gold tooth. What’s not to love?!
It’s a great exhibition and definitely worth visiting before it finishes on September 5th. The sporadic references to the namesake 1980s cult t.v. programme are somewhat random, but once you embrace this - it’s all good! 

Palais de Tokyo
Musee d'Art moderne de la ville de Paris/ARC