The Old Curiosity Shop

I’ve just been told about this amazing store in New York called Evolution.
As well as having an in-house entomology department, the shop sells and rents out props of preserved butterflies, beetles, fossils, seashells, skulls and skeletons, medical models, and tribal art.

The website’s really well designed, and while I’m yet to visit the actual store (definitely next on my next trip to New York) I imagine it to be a treasure trove of curiosities, where one might stumble upon a human skull or rare coral – both of which are sold here.

I’m a particular fan of the beetles, although only when they're encased in a wax mould you understand!  Check these bad boys out: Fred, Doris, Boris, Will and Frank.

The Evolution Store
120 Spring Street 

New York, NY 10012 

Tel: (212) 343-1114