Time to breathe

So another London Fashion Week has been and gone. The constant clacking of stilettos across cobbled courtyards has ceased, and the incessant thudding of basslines booming from the show tents has finally finished resonating in my ears; but for all the circus and mayhem of fashion week I never stop loving it. This was my first season doing menswear too, and it ended up being my favourite day of the week!

Fashion weeks are always such an assault on the senses – so much to see, and inevitably always rushing from one venue to the next; but this season I was covering presentations and so spent quite a lot of time on-site. What struck me was the magnificence of the venue Somerset House, a stately building in central London. I marvelled as much at the twisted and polished brass door handles and the vibrant fresco ceilings almost as much as I admired the clothes that I was there to see.

Below are a few photos I took at Somerset House.