Reggae Britannia

Being a fan of all things reggae, Dub and Ska - and of most things BBC, I've been looking forward to the BBC's Reggae Britannia series for a while now. 
This morning I watched Reggae Britannia on the iPlayer (something else I'm a big fan of!) It was really interesting to understand the dichotomy between British and Jamaican reggae music, and its impact on mainstream pop music - I never knew that Boy George's Culture Club was so heavily influenced by reggae music. Nor, in my ignorance - did I realise the extent of racial division in British culture of the time. It shocked me, and yet it's so recent. 

I highly recommend watching the documentary here and stay tuned for the rest of the series. 

P.S. Straight after watching the show, I had to listen to all the old classics. Here's a few... 

Dreadlock Holiday - 10CC

Natty Dread She Want - Big Youth

Dub Fire - Aswad

loving You - Janet Kay

Everything I Own - Ken Boothe

Cherry Oh Baby - UB40

Back To Life - Soul II Soul

Pass the Dutchie - Musical Youth